Monthly Archives: July 2017

The COR Coffee Shop and Deli 7/31-8/4

Menu for July 31 to Aug 4: Monday - Mushroom Grilled Cheese sandwich Tuesday - Chicken tacos, burrito, salad or quesadilla Wednesday - Hot Italian sandwich (salami, pepperoni, ham and cheese on a hoagie) Thursday - Tomato sandwich (tomatoes, mayo on bread) or BLAST sandwich (Canadian bacon, lettuce, avocado tomato) Friday - Sweet Onion Chicken wrap (chicken, lettuce, feta,  tomato and sweet onion dressing)

The COR Coffee Shop and Deli 7/24-7/28

Menu at The COR Coffee Shop and Deli for July 24 to July 28: Monday - Grilled Ham and Cheese sandwich Tuesday - Steak Tacos, Burrito, Salad or Quesadilla Wednesday - Philly sandwich Thursday - Strawberry, Brie and Turkey Panini sandwich Friday - Sicilian Panini sandwich (salami, black olives, Swiss and tomato)