So long, Earl Husby!

Earl Husby said "good bye" to COR Enterprises at the end of September. He started at COR in early 2003. During his time at COR, he was a valuable team member in several different departments. He is quick with a smile and a helping hand. While he admits it's hard to leave those he's become so close with over the years, he's excited to retire. At his retirement potluck, he playfully asked that no one "bother me for at least two weeks!" However, it sounds like his wife has a very thick book of "Honey-Do's" that she has been patiently waiting for him to complete! Earl says he has a few items on his bucket list he is eager to cross off. We wish you the best of luck and fun in your retirement, Earl. Take care and keep in touch! Earl says "so long" at his retirement potluck.

Earl - retirement

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