Driver’s Education
CGC provides individualized driver’s education to persons with disabilities. All training is provided by a Montana certified driving instructor. Services include classroom preparation for the written exam as well on-the-road training in CGC’s driver’s training vehicle.
Work Force Skills
The Workforce Skills class is a one-week, 15-hour course that meets three hours a day for five days to address three key issues: work ethics, communication skills, and lifestyle management. Based on Department of Labor and Montana Job Training Partnership research, we selected the work ethics issues that local employers indicated are most important to them, including appearance, attendance, attitude, work safety, reliability, responsibility, and flexibility. The communication skills section of the course covers assertive communication, positive statements, body language, business manners, and conflict resolution, as well as responsible communication. The course's lifestyle management component includes time management skills, making back-up plans, managing personal and health issues, talking to employers about personal and health problems, and working through a life crisis. The class includes scored activities and daily assessments. Those students who achieve a score of 80% or higher on the competency standards receive a Workforce Skills Certificate.